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Our Services

National 4H Youth Development Center

The National 4-H Youth Development Center operates a 10 months semi-residential Personal Development Training Course for out of school youth ages 14-17.


Primary and Secondary Art Skill Training is a program sponsored by NICH, Department of Youth Services, and The Embassy of Republic of Taiwan, to provide professional painting & drawing skills through their art instructors Fiona Hsu & Christine Huang.

DYS Recording Studio

The Department of Youth Services Recording Studio is designed to support students with the recording and audio production of their music projects as well as provide audio-base assistance to out of school youths who are interested in singing and music as a career.

Resource & Training Center

The Resource Training Center is tailored to provide all youth with a youth friendly environment to access the tools of information technology for information & research, training, leisure and social purposes.

Behavior Modification Unit

The School Suspension Program is designed to support students at risk of dropping out of-school while it provide tutoring and life skills counseling.

Sexual Reproductive Health Unit

The Sexual Reproductive Health Unit provides information in order to reduce the incidence of HIV/AIDS among youth.

The Enterprise & Job Creation Unit

The Enterprise and Job Creation Unit, is charged to support and foster youth entrepreneurship and productivity.

Youth Governance Unit

The Youth Governance Unit is mandated to increase youth participation and build leadership capacity.

About us

“Young people are an asset to develop and not a problem to solve”

“The Department of Youth Services is the lead
youth-centered agency mandated to advocate,
empower, develop and engage active participation
of young people at all levels for the overall
development of Belize.”
“All youth are safe, healthy,
successful and are prepared for a
productive adulthood.”

The Department of Youth Services is mandated to coordinate service delivery for
youth in a timely manner and with a right approach. The department envisions
collaboration and cooperation with the private sector, non-governmental organizations,
religious institutions, civil society and the international community – to ensure that
Belizean young people are provided the opportunities which they need today to be the
leaders and responsible adults of tomorrow.
The department seeks to establish a network of service providers for youth that have
previously been offered in a scattered manner. This ought to have a significant impact
in catering to the needs of youth with special needs, especially to youth who are at
risk. An important component to this strategy is youth governance and participation. This
component is oriented towards having youth issues become part of the national
governmental agenda through youth participation, in such a way that through social
mobilization there is a nationwide focus on youth and youth issues.
The Department of Youth Services promotes the ideals deemed most appropriate for the
positive and full development of Belize’s young people. The programs of this
department are comprehensive and are dedicated to guiding, supporting and uplifting
Belize’s young people; recognizing and respecting them as nation builders of tomorrow
as well as some of today’s community and national leaders.
In addition, the department forms a part of the macro- strategy for poverty elimination
with special focus on youth in the urban areas and seeks to aid in the reduction of at- risk
factors such as poverty and violence among the youth population.
The Department of Youth Services aim to more coherently link the range of existing efforts
– complemented by a number of new measures to address gaps in existing services – to
ensure that those endeavors are better coordinated, better targeted, better
understood, and better utilized. In addition, provide more access, more relevance, more
opportunities, and more hope to our youth.

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