Community Outreach

Behaviour Modification Unit focuses on at-risk youth in and out of school with the intention to keep those who are already in school, to stay in school and those who are out of school to either get back into school or get a job. A successful program under this unit is the “Suspension Program” that allows DYS to work with youth who are placed on suspension to modify behaviours which are not acceptable to the school thereby getting a second chance at school.

a) To engage youth in positive reinforcement activities with the view of replacing the negative influences which contribute to increase violence and crime among youth.
b) To provide at risk youth with alternative ways of resolving conflict through training.
c) To train at-risk youth to act as promoters/peacekeepers throughout local communities in Belize City and rural areas.
d) Intervention with street based disputes.
e) Support to schools in violence prevention.
f) To develop social spaces of participation within the community geared to display youth culture.
g) To strengthen existing programs and develop new and relevant ones to meet the needs of at-risk you