Enterprise and Job Creation Unit

Enterprise Unit focuses on the coordination and implementation of the National Entrepreneurship Strategy as it relates to youth. Provide training to youth in small business development and enterprise, provide support to training conducted by the various entities such as BTEC, the Apprenticeship Program among others. Assist young persons in getting ready for the workforce by providing mock interview sessions, resume writing, dress code presentation. Most importantly provide job opportunities for youth.

a) To strengthen existing job training skills programs and develop new and relevant ones to meet the needs of the job market.
b) To develop the entrepreneurial skills within youth.
c) To enable the establishment of small businesses through the development of Young Entrepreneur Enhancement Training.
d) To foster exposure of youth who have acquired job skills or entrepreneurial skills.
e) To encourage the establishment of a young entrepreneurs incubator.
f) To provide access to micro credit through existing credit facilities.
g) To provide access to employment opportunities.
h) Referral and Information System

The Job Creation and Referral System is an outlet for young people to seek job opportunities actively. Youth participating in this program will receive training in job search efforts and in developing interview skills, networking skills, and the know-how to write their resume. In order to establish the job referral and information system, the program establishes linkages with the private, public and non-profit sector to have a complete understanding of the needs in the job market and the specific profiles of the best candidates. The referral system operates to match the needs of the company with the assets and experiences of the applicant.