The Department of Youth Services promotes the ideals deemed most appropriate for the positive and full development of Belize’s young people. The programs of this department are comprehensive and are dedicated to guiding, supporting and uplifting Belize’s young people; recognizing and respecting them as nation builders of tomorrow as well as some of today’s community and national leaders.

Our Western Region offices includes the Belmopan Office, the Santa Elena Office and the Benque Office. Each of the Offices focuses on different Thematic Areas.

Belmopan is known for their health and fitness programs, along with their "DO It Yourself'" (DIY) programs which encourages entrepreneurship.


The Santa Elena and Benque Offices focuses on volunteering, back yard gardening along with entrepreneurial and peer helping training.


Be sure to check out our offices for voluntary services, youth related information and training, free internet and printing services.