Youth Awards

BELIZE YOUTH AWARDS 2018:  23rd November, 2018


The Belize Youth Awards demonstrate to leaders and other policy-makers the importance of young people’s role in development. The awards also serve to inspire other young people to take action in their communities.

We are looking for young people aged between 15 and 29 years, who have demonstrated the importance of youth participation in key areas such as poverty alleviation, conflict resolution and prevention, democracy and environmental preservation, education, health and well-being, human rights, technology, sport, science  and contributing to the overall achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s).

To ensure a varied selection of nominees from each district, you are encouraged to share this information as widely as possible to ensure that deserving young people gets nominated. It is important to acknowledge the outstanding contributions made by young people to development in Belize and to recognize outstanding talent, commitment and creativity that exists among our young people.


  1. Nominators are required to complete the attached Nomination Form
  2. Nominations should include copies of relevant information including:
  • Details about Nominator;
  • Details about the person they are nominating; Biographic details
  • A description of the development work and how it makes a positive difference to the lives of others;  (A short video is preferable)
  • A valid I.D.
  • 2 letters of reference
  • Current passport size picture



  1. Apply via electronic application form:
  2. Properly packaged nominations may be presented to one of the following DYS Youth Centres nationally:
No. Address District Telephone Contact Person
1. 55 Regent Street Belize City 207-0773 Lisa Lewis
2. Vernon Street Belize City 601-3088 Lincoln Flowers
3. Community Policing Yabra Centre Belize City 207-0368 Tracy Watters
4. 99 Fifth Avenue Corozal 402-0440 Harrison Williams
5. Queen Victoria Avenue Orange Walk 302-0051 Enid Dakers
6. #1900 Constitution Drive Belmopan 802-0421 Priscilla Salam
7. #28 Peter August Street Santa Elena 804-0540 Morecia Gentle
8. Wyatt Street Benque Viejo 803-3027 Jimmy Leslie
9. Cor. Godsby Ramos & Bishop Martin St. Dangriga 502-3123 Andrew Dawson
10. Cor. Prince & Ogaldez St. Punta Gorda 702-2220 Delmore Sentino
11. Tarpon Street, Villmadine Plaza San Pedro 605-1103 Kyle Miller


Selection Process

Nominated persons are shortlisted by a panel convened by the Department of Youth Services comprised of two government representatives, two youth/student representatives, a CSO/NGO representative and one member of staff from the Youth Department.



  1. Applications open Monday, September 10, 2018;
  2. Applications close by Thursday, October 31, 2018


NO. CATEGORY Description
1. Youth in Agriculture Award


Must demonstrate significant progress through agricultural pursuits.
2. The Differently Abled Award


One who is physically or mentally challenged yet involved in community based activities despite limitations.
3. Corporate Sponsor Award


A private entity that physically and financially supports and encourages youth development.
4. Youth Enterprise Award (Individual or group) Must have generated or created a business idea and established a business that generates income especially in the field of social enterprise.
5. Innovation Award (Individual or group)


Must have excelled in ICT or be the developer of technology that helps to positively advance/improve an aspect of Belizean life
6. Environmental Award (Individual or group)


Must have contributed to the promotion of environmental awareness both on and offline.
7. The Youth Club/Group Award


Must have consistently encourage youth development activities and programmes, positively impacting young people.
8. Volunteerism/Community Service Award


Must have been involved in impactful voluntary community services.
9. Strength through Diversity Award (Unattached Youth)


Must have, in the face of exceptional challenges (family circumstances, geographical location), made an important contribution to society or be an inspiration to others.
10. Outstanding Religious Organization The award is for a Religious

Organization/group which has for the past year achieved community, national or regional recognition in promoting youth development through its programmes and or policies.

11. Outstanding Student Government A student government that has had a profound impact on the welfare of students in the school; Demonstrates democracy and participation; Demonstrates efforts towards collaboration of other schools and groups.
12. Outstanding Young Musician Award


Uses music as a positive means of promoting youth and community development
13. Outstanding Youth in Visual Arts The award is granted to a youth who has excelled in the area of visual arts (painting, sculpting, craft, animation)
14. Outstanding Youth in Media (Group or Individual) Awarded to an individual or organization that has displayed exceptional journalistic qualities by highlighting the achievements of young people but also the societal concerns that directly affect young people in any media form.
15. Youth in Sports Award (Female)


Must have achieved excellence in sporting activity.
16. Youth in Sports Award (Male)


Must have achieved excellence in sporting activity.
17. Fellow in Youth Development Work The award is for an individual or group that has demonstrated commitment and involvement to the advancement of youth work. The nominee will be judged on the basis of programmes and policies which encourage involvement and professional studies in

Youth work; an entity who has excelled nationally, regionally or internationally in the field or services of youth work.

18. Academic Excellence


Have excelled in the field of education and used this excellence to contribute to the overall development of young people in the community.
19. Youth Leadership and Advocacy (Youth Minister) Award


Advocates, demonstrates, promotes, organizes and manages group activities in the interest of empowering young people



Criteria for Nomination:

Awards will be given to individuals who have excelled at both regional and national levels. The criteria for conferring national awards will be guided by the following:


  • Nominee must be between 15-29 years and a citizen of Belize. Nominee may not be older than 29 years of age before December 31st
  • He/she should have served in his/her respective category/discipline for a period of one year prior to the year in which the award is to be given.
  • He/she should also be a person who is likely to continue to be involved in such activities for at least another year following receipt of the award.
  • The impact of the service rendered by the nominee should be clearly identifiable (qualitative and quantitative).
  • The nominee should not have been conferred with such an award before. However, persons who were previously recommended for a specific award, but were not selected to receive same, can re-apply.
  • Other considerations for guiding the selection of youth for the national award will include the nominee’s reputation within the local community, desire for improvement, and genuine interest in the field of voluntary activity.
  • He/she is seen as a positive role model by his/her peers.
  • He/she has a high degree of direct involvement with young people and/or youth organizations.
  • The winner must be willing to participate publicly in activities organized by the Department of Youth Services for a period not exceeding one year following the official ceremony
  • Self-nomination and the nomination of kin is prohibited.

Next Steps...

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