Governance Unit focuses on setting the structure in place to ensure that the voices of the young persons are heard and that they are actively participating in governance locally, regionally and internationally. To enhance the capacity of youth to participate in various levels of governance and to realize their responsibility as active citizens in the development of Belize; to encourage a sense of ownership and responsibility for Belize.

Belize have two (2) CARICOM Youth Ambassadors which shows our sense of participation within CARICOM.

a) To assist in the development of a National governance mechanism that promotes and supports youth participation.
b) To coordinate the implementation of the National Youth Development Policy as the legal framework to guide youth development.
c) Provide capacity development to youth and youth organizations to support direct community based initiatives.
d) To create an enabling environment to encourage youth participation in community and nation building.
e) To assist youth in having an impact on policy, legal and institutional reform.
f) Leadership Training & Volunteerism